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  • DIY Dog Food Station

    Easier for dogs and extra storage
    It is better for many dogs to have the food and water bowls up higher off the ground and this dog food station is a great way to...
  • DIY Solar Lamp

    It will look beautiful outside
    The do it yourself solar lamp is a great Summer project that should be a lot of fun. Once you replace the normal lamp with the solar...
  • DIY tiki torch bottles

    Re-use those old liquor bottles
    Another fun project for Summer, the DIY tiki bottle torches. This is a fun and easy way to use those empty wine and alcohol bottles....
  • DIY – Tuna Can Lantern

    A fun DIY lantern you can make
    We love DIY projects because you can save tons of money. This fun project is a easy DIY tuna can lantern that you can make with very few...
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  • Ways to Fill Ornaments

    Have fun making your own
    Filling your own Christmas ornaments is a great DIY holiday activity to do with the family and help kids be creative. This page shows...
  • Hot Sauce Making Kit

    Make your own hot sauce
    If you are a hot sauce lover like us then you should try making it on your own. The make your own hot sauce kit is a perfect start with 3...
  • DIY – Minions Slime

    Make your own yellow slime
    Kids love playing with slime toys and they will love yellow Minion slime. This slime is so easy to make it only takes 4 simple...
  • DIY – Green Army Man

    A cool looking DIY costume
    What a cool looking costume that you and your family can create together. This Green Army Man costume looks just like the toy army men we...