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  • Hatching Dinosaur Candle

    It's a surpirse inside the candle
    This unique candle looks like a big dinosaur egg and it holds a surprise inside. When the Hatching Dinosaur candle starts to burn down...
  • Pumpkin Vine Arms

    Your pumpkin is alive now
    Turn your cute pumpkin into a Halloween monster with these pumpkin vine arms and legs. Great for Halloween decor this 4 piece set attaches...
  • Samurai Sword Umbrella

    Ninjas have to stay dry too
    Now you can walk around looking like a stealth Ninja and still be ready for rain with the Samurai Sword Umbrella. This unique umbrella...
  • Fun Syringe Shot Pens

    Straight from the hospital
    Syringe pens are always fun items to use at home or at the office. I remember as a kid it was always fun to use them or see someone...
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  • Chill Pills Gift

    Do you know someone that needs to chill
    If you or someone you know is having a bad day it may be time to relax and have a Chill Pill. This funny jar of chill pills can be...
  • Hide a Beer Can Covers

    Sneak in that cold Beer
    Sometimes at the game or on the Golf course you just need a cold one to keep you refreshed. These hide a Beer can covers are prefect for...
  • Pizza Pool Raft

    Float around on a pizza slice
    Do you want to have the cheesiest float around? Now you can with the pizza pool raft. This pool raft measures feet long and looks like a...
  • Bag of Unicorn Farts

    They smell great
    It doesn't get more magical than a real bag of Unicorn Farts. The magical essence has been captured inside this lovely gift bag for any...
  • Giant Inflatable Unicorn

    We all need a giant Unicorn
    This Giant inflatable unicorn must be one of the greatest things ever that you can buy on the internet. Imagine having a seven foot tall...
  • Toilet Mug

    A funny way to drink coffee
    Now you can enjoy your coffee and your other favorite beverages from a mug that looks exactly like a toilet. You will look really awesome...
  • Christmas Lump of Coal

    For the naughty person
    If you have someone on your Christmas list that has been naughty all year then you probably need to get them this funny Christmas lump of...
  • Spicy Gummy Peppers

    Gummy candy with a kick
    The name says it all here "Spicy Gummy Peppers". These are gummy peppers that are shaped like real peppers and infused with actual pepper...
  • Ammo Security Sign

    Don't expect a warning shot
    If you like to be your own security system at home then this sign is great for you. With ammo cost going up it just makes sense that you...