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  • Pet as a Pokemon card

    A cool custom Pokemon card
    Now you can showcase your pets power and skills on their own unique Pokemon card. These custom cards let you add your pet and select the stats... more
  • Al Bundy Touchdowns

    Al is a Football legend
    Al Bundy from 'Married With Children' was a football legend at Polk High. He is known for his 4 touchdowns in a single game at the 1966 Chicago... more
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  • Cool Ninja Gnome

    A protector of Lawns
    This is one of the coolest looking garden Gnomes you can buy. The cool Ninja Gnome is almost a foot tall and is ready to draw his sword if he... more
  • 26-Pound Gummy Python

    This thing is massive
    This huge gummy python is almost 8 feet worth of gummy candy and very detailed to look like a real python. The 26-Pound gummy python is... more
  • WD-40 hidden safe secret

    Hope they don't steal the WD-40
    Now you can hide your cash and valuables in the garage or tool shed inside a WD-40 can. This unique safe is made from a real WD-40 can with a... more
  • Build a Sunflower House

    A great project to do with kids
    This website has great information to build a Sunflower House. The Sunflowers grow up really high and provide a good rest/play area for your... more
  • Giant Pufferfish Slippers

    Slip your feet into a Puffer fish
    Surround your feet in the warmth and comfort of a giant Puffer fish with these unique Puffer fish slippers. These slippers are thick and taller... more
  • The Mac + Cheese Cookbook

    50 simple and delicious recipes
    Forget the boring mac & cheese meal that you always make and instead try 50 unique dishes from this Mac and Cheese cookbook. This fun book will... more
  • Super Mario Chess Set

    A fun way to introduce kids to Chess
    The Super Mario Chess set is a fun way to introduce kids to the game of chess. The Mario chess set features 32 hand painted Mario themed playing... more
  • Pumpkin Teeth

    Brings life to your pumpkin
    What a great way to decorate your pumpkin for Halloween. These fun pumpkin teeth stick right into the pumpkin to give it a very unique look.... more
  • Cool Skeleton Leggings

    Everyone to see right through to your bones
    These cool Skeleton Leggings will work great as a Halloween costume and they allow everyone to see right through to your bones. The leggings... more
  • Paddy The Pumpkin Man

    Paddy is so cheerful
    Paddy The Pumpkin Man is the perfect house greeter for Autumn and Halloween season. Paddy has a large lovable smile and looks good in his bow... more