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  • Wearable Sleeping Bag

    Want to walk around in it?
    Now you can stay warm while sleeping and then get up and keeping wearing your wearable sleeping bag. Wearing the sleeping bag is like a...
  • Slime Lab Toy

    Make your own slimes
    Ready to create some fun slime with this slime lab toy? This fun kit gives you 20 slimy activities like mucus monster, wild waves and of...
  • The Owl Monkey Paradise

    Great for a kids room or baby nursery
    The owl monkey paradise stickers are very cute wall graphics for a kids room or baby nursery. You peel and stick the decorative stickers...
  • Bacon Lip Balm

    Protect your lips with bacon flavor
    Now you can have bacon flavor with you at all times with this small tube of bacon lip balm. This bacon flavored lip balm will protect...
  • The Levitating Lamp

    The lamp shade floats
    The levitating lamp is a unique lamp and unlike anything you have seen before. The lamp has a lamp shade that floats in mid air above the...
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  • Hanging Cloud Lights

    Little clouds floating in your room
    These hanging cloud lights give the feeling of clouds floating around and lighting up your room. The unique cloud lights can be hung...
  • Hello Kitty Bed

    Relax with a giant Hello Kitty
    This is a massive Hello Kitty bed with the hello kitty kitty head, arms and feet. This would have made a wonderful gift for a child but...
  • Nintendo Wall Graphics

    Like living in a video game
    Here we have cute Nintendo wall graphics. These wall decals represent the original Super Mario Brothers game on the Nintendo gaming...
  • Plush Bandit Raccoon

    Kids will love it
    Here we have a cute and cuddly plush Bandit Raccoon toy. This cuddly Raccoon has a realistic raccoon look and looks so cute that every...
  • Plush Unicorn Bouquet

    A bouquet is better with Unicorns
    Forget the normal Valentine's day gifts and switch to a cute and cuddly plush Unicorn bouquet. These unicorns will make a way better gift...
  • Bacon Body Wash

    Do you want to smell like bacon
    Now you can enjoy the smell of bacon while cleaning up in the shower with this Bacon Body Wash. This unique body wash has the bacon scent...
  • I Love You Bean plant

    You can see the message as it grows
    The I Love You Bean plant is a unique gift where you plant a bean and it grows revealing a hidden I love you message on the plant. All...
  • Unicorn Poop Soap

    Smell great with Unicorn poop
    This Unicorn poop soap has the look and smells that you would expect from Unicorn poop. The handmade soap has unique smells like vanilla,...
  • Bluetooth Shower Speaker

    Get your jams on in the shower
    The Bluetooth shower speaker is a water resistant speaker that you can use in all types of places that normal speakers can't go, like the...
  • 8-Bit Gaming Rose

    Live in the 8-bit world
    Forget the normal boring roses for Valentines Day and instead give a 8-bit gaming rose. This rose has the video game appearance of older...