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  • Lotsa Love Candle

    A secret gift is in the mddle
    These beautiful love candles have a great scent and you get a surprise at the end. The Lotsa Love candles last between 60-65 hours with a...
  • Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn

    Peanut butter is great on anything
    This peanut butter flavored popcorn looks very delicious. As you can see in the image the Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn is covered in milk...
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  • Santa Claus Holiday Table

    For milk and cookies left for Santa
    This is a beautiful and functional Santa Claus holiday table. This table features Santa standing on snow and holding up a glass table...
  • Eco Colored Wishlanterns

    Make a wish and watch it fly away
    The Eco Colored Wishlanterns are the Chinese style wish lanterns that you see in movies. You light the candle, make a wish, and watch it...
  • Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

    When you can't get enough bacon
    If you love the taste of bacon and you should try this bacon flavored toothpaste. This gag gift is described as having the flavor and...
  • Christmas Log Pillows

    Set the mood with Christmas logs
    Create a beautiful winter atmosphere in your home with these realistic Christmas log pillows. The log pillows are handmade items that...
  • Delicious Pizza Bed

    This would make us hungry
    If you ever wanted to sleep inside of a huge pizza than this is your product. The Delicious Pizza is a kickstarter campaign right now and...
  • Shark Bait Sleeping Bag

    Sleep in a big shark
    Now you can have a shark sleeping bag that looks like it's eating your kid. This Shark Bait Sleeping Bag is one of the coolest sleeping...