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  • Magical Flames

    Beautiful rainbow colored flames
    Turn your fireplace or outdoor fire into a dancing rainbow show with the magical flames fire color changers. Just throw in the unopened...
  • NFL Grill Cover

    Select your favorite NFL team
    Show your team pride with this large officially licensed NFL grill cover. These grill covers are made from weather resistant materials...
  • Vortex Ring Swing

    A thrill ride for your yard
    Get your backyard play area ready for Summer with the awesome Vortex Spinning Ring Swing. With room for 4 kids they can spin and twist...
  • DIY tiki torch bottles

    Re-use those old liquor bottles
    Another fun project for Summer, the DIY tiki bottle torches. This is a fun and easy way to use those empty wine and alcohol bottles....
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  • Bunch O Balloons

    100 Water balloons in 60 seconds
    We love water balloon fights in the Summer and this awesome product will make them even more fun. Bunch O Balloons is new and faster way...
  • DIY – Tuna Can Lantern

    A fun DIY lantern you can make
    We love DIY projects because you can save tons of money. This fun project is a easy DIY tuna can lantern that you can make with very few...
  • GoPro Mouthpiece Mount

    Get that perfect shot
    The GoPro Mouthpiece Mount was created by a team of surfers, divers, and entrepreneurs who needed a better way to film surfing action. It...